Some notes and though about business solutions

Solutions are available like sand on a beach and every solution claims that is the best and only solution. Are they delivering the marketing and communication need?

I see many many solutions which are great for one use case and they claim that they have an holistic approach / view… but let’s face it, holistic or omni-channel they are not. They combine 2 or 3 touchpoints but who can combine all touchpoints in online and offline by working with huge real- and fundamentally data?

Marketers have a lack if they want to bring different solutions together to gain a holistic business approach for their business. In real marketers are far behind what software solutions can deliver. Software solutions on the other end are far behind what could be possible!

  • What are you thinking about the digital solutions which are available today?
  • Where do you see the lack of digital transformation from a solution point of view?
  • In which direction do you think solutions will go over the next 2-3 years?


…feel free to take this to consider about writing a comment or an entire article. I’m happy to read what your thinking and vision is.

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