We talk about transformation and doing bad translation

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There are too many chiefs and not enough indians is one often read quote. Is this true? Is this the problem we have? What do we need to do to enable growth?

Have had a great diskussion with an “indian” (let’s call him opperational manager) and his view about the chief which impressed m and made me pensive.

But let’s go back a step. The core of a business is done this way since 10, 20, 30,… years. Now transformation starts becuase these days transformation is a must. What happped? People put something new arround the old core. This is no transformation, this is translation.


Sure, it’s more easy and riskless to place something new about the old core… but the growth with this approach is minimal.

How do we enable the right side like it should be today? Let’s get back to my discussion with the operational manager down in the hierarchy. He told me that customer experience is most important and the chiefs don’t understand this…. I was supprised! Based on my experience I see it the other way around.

People are talking about buzzwords, some of them understand what the buzzword means, other not. Most people think they undertand it and everyone undersand diffrent thinks. We need to elliminate buzzwords as much as possible and define these we still use. For me Customer Experience (CX) is the big picture while User Experience (UX) is historical grown out of the design area, so UX is a part of CX. …but more and more I see people who understands behind UX what I understand under CX.

Getting back to the opperational manager and the chief szenario. Everyone is speaking a different “language”. It’s importand to bring all of them on the same page in all areas. Often there thinking is similar, all of them understand what is important.. but they do not understand each others.

How can, in such a szenario, change can take place, even if we have allready enabled a change mindset in an company?

“Same page on all areas” …what does this means? The following cube gives a first view in a model I’m currently developing. This is to much for this blog post and will be covered in another one. Here it should just show you the areas (A, B, C) in which change (D) take place.

change cube

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