Vodafone and my Customer Experience (CX)

Here is a personal CX experience which I would like to share…

Just change my mobile carrier. After 4 days or so I received an SMS with a link saying “Here’s your personal invoice video”. The video started saying “Hello Sven”.. I was thinking wow, a personalized video and expected that they come up now with an example invoice to explain the invoice in general… but after some seconds I realized that they have all the positions and discounts, the timings and more in the video which are my personal points. Exactly at the moment they send out the SMS, the new (first) invoice was available for me.

Amazing, they explained exactly all points of the invoice I downloaded after the video. This is a great experience, great service…. and shows that Customer Experience is not only done through marketing channels, CX is also done through non-marketing channels like here through the service channel.

Unfortunately I lost my own video, but here is the original video from Vodafone. My one was similar to this, just with my own numbers (invoice number, client number, prices, etc.)… (Video is in German).

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