Some thoughts about the recruiting / HR market

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Within the HR / recruiting area I see many companies and people overstrained, unable to scope and be out of their depth.

It starts with the wrong / old school mind set of an employer market and the application process… goes over how to write the right job description… over to how to match candidates (it’s not a key word matching between job description and CV)… up to how to handle the volume of applications (which is the result of mistakes before) and the communication.

HR often replies to this problems with looking for the right tool and they love artificial intelligence. This is a devil’s spiral. They use tools to handle the issues instead of solving the issues. They forget that it is not about resource handling like in sourcing / purchasing, it is about people and humanity.

Tools are great to help us, but they are not the solution of the problems. Tools just support the solution. Within this, they have a huge part… but the solution itself must be defined before.

  • Humanity first
  • Mindset second
  • Tooling third

We are talking about the shortage of skilled professionals… but often (depends of the area / industry) it’s more a communication and interaction issue. There is no employer or applicant market, both need to meet and communicate on an equal level.

If we understand this we have won, even in the time of Corona. Now we can start approaching the market to find the right employees by using the amazing tools the market offers the right way!

Let’s get back trust – Let’s make a change!

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