Some notes and thoughts about digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing for you?

“Digital Marketing is Display, Mobile, Search,…” This or something similar would answer most, but why are they thinking in channels instead of directions like Branding or E-Commerce?

Marketing Attribution is not a new, but a hot topic for many digital marketers. This reflects the channel approach.

What is the benefit of Digital Marketing?

Overall it is to have massive data, also in real- or near-time which can be used to optimize marketing activities. Everything is going around this. It’s quicker, more precisely and more target-oriented than the traditional offline channels like Radio, TV, Newspaper, Mailings, Call Center, etc. With Digital Marketing you can have a 1:1 messaging instead of mass-communication. Don’t forget this if you are doing digital campaigns!

Always changing…

Digital Marketing is always changing… every second! There are great visions where it will go to in future. For this visions the marketing solutions (mainly software) needs to be developed which is a massive load. The point is that marketers didn’t use the existing solutions in a holistic approach today.


…feel free to take this to consider about writing a comment or an entire article. I’m happy to read what your thinking and vision is.

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