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Last week the big #SAPPHIRENOW took place. There are many topics they have had to address, while my focus was on the CX area. I was really looking forward to the keynote of Christian Klein.

Leaving the technical issues at the beginning out, it was a great format and showed how online events should be. Haven’t seen something like this before… till the German Telekom came up with their “Digital X” event yesterday in Germany which was technical just a “wow” and really customer focussed. With possibilities to visit a lounge and chat with other event user or visit many both with much content (video, PDF, etc.) and have a chat with a real person there (sometimes also a video chat) they build an amazing CX. Which to see more events like this “Digital X” event.

But let’s get back to SAP’s #SAPPHIRENOW. I just saw the keynote from Christian Klein (not all the other sessions) and be torn back and forth. Many discussions are going around this online event last week. Here is a great article from my friend Paul Greenberg on ZDnet which I can really underline and don’t need to repeat. He shows a very broad and detailed view on the event.

At the end of the day I’m with Paul… CX was entirely missing. The question I ask myself: In which CX phase SAP is right now?

559px Gartner Hype Zyklus svg

This is a typical Gartner hype cycle. Is SAP with the CX topic in the phase “trough of disillusionment” right now?

For sure, CX is a much used as a buzzword and it isn’t always bad to avoid buzzwords. The question is, if they have the topics behind CX integrated in their doing and their products / solutions!?

When I look into their marketing / communication around CX I see many issues. SAP isn’t a player in the marketed who is doing much communication here. I see much more from other vendors about CX than from SAP. For Adobe I’m an CX insider, but the SAP solution I don’t know much.
Last year, a huge event from SAP about CX took place here in Germany. I haven’t seen anything about this event during the weeks before… and I’m everyday online around CX. Just 4 days before I saw it by accident and signed up. At the event date they rejected many people because the location was full. This never should happened, doesn’t matter which fault it was. This is a real bad CX for everyone planing a day and travel many miles.
Finally they let me in and I was in contact with the comms people. We have had a great talk, but that’s all. Nothing happened since 3/4 of a year now. No communication in my direction and not much visibility in the market here. This are for sure just my 5 cent, but when I talk with others about SAP they have a similar picture regarding their marketing and CX. I think SAP has a great solution but also room for improvement.

Coming back to the phase in the chart and the question why Christian didn’t talked about CX. I really don’t know where SAP as a company (not with their products) is regarding their CX transformation. True CX requires a huge transformation which has the power to change the entire corporate structure. This is huge in a company with the size of SAP.

All in all – after not talking about CX – it is important for SAP that they show that CX is fully into their mindset, their acting and their products. It’s a big CX jump, SAP needs to perform now!

What was great to hear was the direction they focus. SAP wants to grow organic. They have bought companies in the past but now integration and own development is the big future. This sounds fantastic and is the right approach for the future if they don’t loose sight of the customer while focussing on internal integration.

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