Marketing Teams and Channel Thinking

channel thinking

I do not get tired of telling about the fact, that channel thinking is old school and should not longer be relevant. Customer don’t care about marketing channels, they care about they pains and needs. The big question is…

…why do we have still teams / departments aligned to the marketing channels?

 SEO / SEA Team Customer Experience Team
 E-Mail Team Customer (Predictive) Analytics Team
 Display Advertising Team Strategy Team
 Mobile Team Conception (Content & Creative) Team(s)
 Social Team (Technology) Distribution Team
 TV Team …
 Print Team 

We should think about re-organize departments and really focus on the customer.

Everyone is talking about customer experience but have the old direction in place. This means every team builds his own customer experience in his marketing channel, it’s not a combined / overall customer experience. Ok, maybe some channels are aligned… but the new direction should replace the old direction.

Be honest, where are you already here?

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