Digital Transformation Steps

What does Digital Transformation means for you?

There are 1001 definitions out. The ones are looking more on the IT site and the others more on the business site.

Let’s leave this buzzword out and have a look what to think about if you want to get “more digital”.


Source: Video (German) Leading with OKR @ Murakamy [ref]Das OKR Modell – Führen mit Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) –[/ref]

The first 4 steps from top to bottom are the strategic points you should go through. Many digital transformation projects starts with the strategy point instead of the vision, they move directly from strategy over the roadmap to the OKRs.

OKR means objectives and key results. One objective for you could be 25% more revenue. Your key results then could be “10% more revenue through new clients” and “15% more revenue through expanding existing clients”. Within your company there are two people, one is responsible for new clients (sales) and one for existing clients (account management). For them your key results become their objective.  So one has the objective “new clients” and maybe the key results “presence on minimum 10 business events and fairs within the next 6 month” or “proactive approach 25 possible clients who needs your products / services on Xing / LinkedIn within the next 4 weeks).

The steps before strategy are very important. This does not mean that this steps needs much time, but you should take your time to define it. You shouldn’t change them later on.

If you follow this  model, you will be succesful. Be sure to have the right people in your digital transformation team, from management to IT, to cover all these steps.


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