Coffee, Lisa and the Customer Experience

This is the story about a coffee and Lisa, my personal #CX, Customer Experience Guru @ Adobe.

While I was listen to the keynote speaker @ the #AdobeSymp in Munich. and tweeting one after the other post on Twitter this tweet arrived me:


Yes! I was the #1 at the Twitter wall from Adobe 🙂 My answer was just simple… “let’s start the race”

Several tweets later I was thinking about whats the next tweet… With nothing in mind I was just thinking about having a coffee. So my next post was:


Now Lisa joined the stage…


(English: What kind of coffee and where are you?)

My answer was clear and quick with cappuccino and where I was staying in the auditorium (directly behind the entrance).

Just 5 minutes later the door opened and a smart lady entered laughing with a great cappuccino! She disappeared as quick as she arrived. You can believe I was laughing for several minutes before I could drink the cappuccino. Everyone around me was looking at me and thinking: What’s going on with him?

From now on cappuccino / coffee was the #1 topic in my Tweets and in the discussions through the rest of the day 🙂

That’s Customer Experience with Adobe !!!
Thanks Lisa, my personal Customer Experience Guru @ Adobe, for this great experience !!!

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