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The way companies interact with their customer through product, services and communication is changing. Who wants the achieve long-lasting success needs to change and needs to question different things.

  • Why do we talk about Marketing Hubs?
  • Why do we talk about a Marketing Intelligence Platform?
  • Why do we talk about things like IoT, Digital Transformation and Customer Centric / Customer Experience?
  • Do we have the customer glasses on or de we still think as a marketing person with the company view in mind?

We know that customer centric is key, but we do not live it. Employees have company targets instead of customer goals. Marketing people think they need to find the right (multi-touchpoint) attribution model and software vendors are focusing on the needs of the marketing departments instead of the needs of their target group (customer).

A customer doesn’t care about channels, he cares about his pain and needs. His individual experience is important. You can have the best product, best services and be the #1 player in your area worldwide… but with the wrong experience, which is influenced by small things, you don’t make your individual customer happy…. you don’t get his trust and you don’t get him to listen to you.

It’s 5 to 12 to change our view and leave old paths!

So what do we need? First of all in marketing departments, but also in all other departments, we need to think as a customer. Sounds easy? Why don’t we do so? Why are we not leaving old paths of thinking and interacting?

Change Management is something which is not only a job of the leadership. Everyone needs to change in his area.

When I walked on the big fair dmexco some days ago with this thought  in mind… I saw 80% the old thinking, talking about customer centric but acting company / marketing centric

So why not throwing away all these marketing hubs and build a customer centric & customer experience hub?

We can use parts of the marketing hubs, but we need to build entire new systems to be really customer focused and build a customer experience.

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