The outdoor brand Patagonia no longer wants to grow, the CEO says.

That is what we need much more in times of #CX, this is the right base for Customer Experience!

The purpose of a car is locomotion, not refuel. Gas is like money for a company, it is needed.
The purpose of a company is not to earn money. Companies need to find their true purpose. Most think they have a purpose but in true 90% of them have first of all the purpose to earn money.

Talking about customer experience and digging into the topic, mostly very quick revenue is coming on the table.

Patagonia made a huge step…
“We are at a point where we are known. Getting bigger and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean being more effective. We now want to decouple our concerns from growth. I’m not saying we won’t grow any more. But growth is no longer a goal at the moment.” 1)Ryan Gellert, CEO Patagonia

They found their purpose in saving our nature and interact in this way with their customer. With this, they gained for sure much trust. Trust is based on empathy, logic and authenticity.  Everything is covered with their step that they do not want to grow any longer. Instead, they told:

“Customers should sell us back our products” 2)Ryan Gellert, CEO Patagonia

They refurbish the products they receive back and sell them again cheaper. This is much better than thrown them away.

However, I think you should read the entire interview.


1, 2 Ryan Gellert, CEO Patagonia

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Looks like some see (klicking on the link) a paywall and others not. Maybe it depends on the region where you are. However, reach out to me if you have issues reading the article.

A friend pointed me to Yvon Chouinard. The storry of his life and how he foundet Patagonia is very interesting.

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