The journey restarts… #CXM is more than marketing!

From the how to the why with an insight in the future of Customer Experience Management in the Sneaks at the #AdobeSummit. The journey restarts now and first of all we need to change our mindset to get into this future.

Three inspiring days are behind me, invited by Adobe as an insider. Inspiring days with last but not least all the other insiders on the summit‌ and an amazing show like US companies do it. Beside the show, I got great information (not only about Adobe) and met great people.
It was about trends around #CX and solutions to support this trends. I talked much about marketing topics, but also much about other things like organizational changes, employees goals, eliminating sales & marketing, data management and the way to implement all this topics into a company. There are many things to focus on to make #CXM great wo offten don’t think about.

To bring the summit to a round figure Adobe have had Amal Clooney, Eddie Redmayne and Jack Whitehall on stage and did an amazing party with Jess Glynne as the main act.

Many people know Adobe as the Photoshop company, but there is much more. Adobe is a great marketing cloud, focussing on digital. But is this enough?
Customer Experience is an online-marketing, offline-marketing and non-marketing topic. It requires a true change in mindsets and place corporate goals behind customer goals. To do so and create experiences, departments need to work together on a common goal and they need first of all data to understand their customer. As seen this days, #AI has great possibilities… but without data , there is no power within #AI. Companies have much homework here.

A #CDP is a must have to win in the area on #CX and #CXM

Such a customer data platform is an “unified customer database that is accessible to other systems”.1)Wikipedia Abhay Parasnis (CTO & EVP, Cloud Technology, Adobe) talked about the focus on #CDP.
To support this direction Adobe announced last year the “Open Data Initiative” with Oracle and Microsoft. Now, at the summit, they announced another partnership with the Software AG which should help connecting customer data from different corporate systems.

If Adobe get this step managed they add with to the depth of their Marketing Cloud and transform to a real Customer Experience Cloud.

One of the core issue companies have is, that they have 20 data sources, know 15 and use maybe 10… and with this 10, they have issues to connect the data and make them usable. Eliminating this data silos is one core element of #CX and #CXM and this what Adobe claims with this partnerships… Let’s see how well this will work. It’s not only the market who is transforming and is on an journey, Adobe has also his way to go and it looks like they are going fast.

My personal impression from this three days is different. There was much about the how, the doing in the foreground and this is not where I’m focussing on. Great to see was the shift from a Marketing Cloud to a Customer Experience Cloud.

Interesting for me have been the different personal talks with people like Christoph Kull, Axel Schäfer, Thomas Meyer, Julian Kramer and last but not least with the great mind Steve Lucas (Marketo CEO). Sometimes very open and sometimes between the lines, I have seen the direction Adobe is going with his Experience Cloud… Impressive!! But we need to be realistic, it’s a way to go and I’m looking forward for the Adobe Symposium later this year to see what changed.


Transformation is not about translating the core and place something new around, it’s about changing the core. B2B needs to act like B2C and change to B2E (Business to Everyone), it’s about the understanding of the customer through all touch points and make this understanding first priority. Have a look into the Marketo Report „Creating Epic Customer Experiences“ which shows that the typical B2C shopping behavior will be seen more and more at B2B buyer.

B2B, B2C, B2E,…. it is always business to someone. Isn’t it needed to place the customer in front and name it maybe C2B (Customer to Business) or E2B (Everyone to Business) ?

#C2B is an interesting approach, a great vision. We can take it to inspire our work and give it the direction. At the moment, that’s it for me, more we can’t do short-term.

Through this days I have seen great tools which are doing amazing things. Much work is needed before starting with it and we will face many issues on this journey. Big companies can manage this complexity and the cost behind (which are not only the license cost). For our broad medium-sized businesses and this is difficult, but these companies need access to this tools. This is for me a very important point and I’m watching how Adobe will face this.

If you like to read more about the summit, have a look at this sites:

Please note: I was invited to attend the Summit by Adobe completely free as part of the Adobe Insider program. Nevertheless, this article reflects my own views.


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