Postview tracking, cookie dropping and the customer journey… what’s next?

magnifying glass 29398 1280 e1511692389171Do you know postview tracking? This was very popular within affiliate marketing and has lost his importance with  the start of cookie dropping. It was used to pay the publisher with the first contact with a user within the customer journey and a defined time range.

This kind of customer journey is describing the channel journey and not the phase of a user. Is he just looking for first information about a product category, is he looking for a detailed product review or is he looking for the best price? This is the marketer view and not the customer centric view.

See how communication could look like in 2015: Communication 2025

Based on this we do not need any more postview tracking, especially when it is for publisher payment. …but is this the end of post view tracking?

Customer centric is the big buzzword these days. We should use postview tracking to collect information about a user to build enriched profiles. Agencies for example could place their agency cookie through their campaigns, analyse the websites a user has seen and build keywords out of them to store them in a user profile. After this they can better predict the next step of a user and what he needs. This is much better than re-targeting like we are doing it today. For sure this could be a data-privacy issue and we need to think about if we want to do so and / or if there are legal concerns in a country.

A brand is implementing a website tracking on his website. They have only information out of their website (and the referrers maybe). A webanalytics provider, like Google Analytics, is having information on all websites which have implemented their tracking code. Why shouldn’t agencies do the same and use their broad reach to help their clients? There is a huge potential within the agency landscape. Are they using it? From my point of view this point arround data is the biggest differentiator against competitors, so agencies should invest in BI systems, data scientists and tracking specialists.


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