Trust as the foundation for interaction (part 4)

This is the last part of a series of four and is about the “Trust within You”.
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Trust within You

And finally, going deeper let’s talk about you. You are the one who is acting. If you do not believe in the company and their products you will never get true trust. The trust within you is the most difficult and important thing. It’s only you who can build a personal relationship.


People see things different from a different point of view. That’s why something makes sense for one and no sense for the other. If you are not transparent, everyone understands with his view… and this is often not your truth. The conclusion is, that others often does not see the logic behind you. As a result, they don’t trust you. So your logic have to be in the right quality, realistic and visible.


Keep your thinking and acting in-line and show the why of everything. Don’t fall over, be you and stay for what you think in very minute, even it’s a difficult situation. Don’t tell what someone wants to hear if it’s not you don’t do something just because someone wants you to do it. But… don’t be to mush present, authenticity needs room and must be welcome (and save).


Show your passion, your emotion and personal traits. Empathic people concentrate on the other one who is speaking and understand their facial expressions and gesturing. They listen to understand, not to answer and they show that they understand by repeating and asking the right questions. Active listening has a huge power here and needs room. If you listen, you show that you understand someone.
Telling great stories which keeps in mind and triggers great emotions is one strength of them, the other is, that they are team player which are building up a network of friends, mentors and promoters around them…. and they are also a great promoter.

Be you, be stringent, listen and love what you do to be relevant!
Don’t keep your thinking and feeling for you, be open and show it everywhere and every time.
Interact with your counterpart, reflect them and stop communication in just one direction.


This was the last part of a series of four. Have you seen the other once?

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