The buggy LinkedIn (Groups)

For sure it is a personal experience… but a bad one which grows more and more. Several month ago LinkedIn launched the new “Groups”.

  • No more sort function for members of a group you manage. So you can’t sort by join date to see who is new.
  • Notification if someone joined the group are working sometimes and sometimes not. Together with the missing sorting function you don’t know who is new, just see that the number of members was growing.
  • Notification if someone requested to join a group are working sometimes and sometimes not
  • There is a notification in the left menu of the management section “requests (1)” but there is no one to approve or deny. This error is there since around 5 month and after several tickets LinkedIn told me that they will not fix it.

If you open a ticket, there will be no solution at all. Tickets are open for month and if you ask you get answers which say nothing… just answers like “please be patient”.

All in all the LinkedIn Groups are so much buggy after the re-launch with less functionality that the experience is very bad. Just basic features are missing.

Could I recommend someone to start a LinkedIn Group? For me the groups are just a second channel, the first channel is my own blog. I wouldn’t count on the LinkedIn Groups as a first channel.

This are just the first and main things who are annoying. I will extend this post by time. If you have anything, please feel free to post it in the comments or send me a personal note.

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