The 2 views of #CustomerExperience and the joined big view

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We talk about #CX (Customer Experience)… but how do we reach this? There are two views we should consider. The first one is the most used view while the second every one knows and lose sight of it. Only if we combine both views we get the big picture. It’s like with binoculars.

Have you ever used binoculars? You can change the distance / angle between the two lenses (left and right eye) and only if you get the right one you get one big picture instead of two single ones (which have a common area but also a different area). So here are the different views:

  1. Understand the customer and predict his next steps / his needs
  2. Show own values and the customer first approach (instead of revenue first) to reach trust / loyalty

For sure you will say “yes, that’s nothing new”, but have a look on the targets of your employees, of your marketing and sales activities… and last but not least of all your communication and thinking. Targets are mainly short- or mid-term and less long-term focused. It’s like with the glass, is it half-full or half-empty? It’s the same volume in, but a different view. Customer first and corporate goals second is the approach (in our heads) to take. If we do so we will reach on a long-term view much better corporate results compared with the corporate first approach.

I have published a lot about Customer Centric & Customer Experience, the Growth Map is one of the most interesting articles.

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