LinkedIn and Privacy

Today a post about something different… but something which will affects for sure many of us.

I have a special e-mail address I’m registered with at LinkedIn which is placed nowhere else. It’s

On this e-mail I get more and more sexual spam but I will also be placed by 1st level contact on their newsletter without an opt-in. In many cases I do not know who did this. There is no option to hide my contact details to my 1st level contacts (confirmed by LinkedIn support). If I set a special e-mail address to primary I get the spam only to this e-mail, can trash this automatically and send an auto reply that mails on this address will not be read…. but then I do not get the LinkedIn notification mails, too.

What’s need are detailed privacy settings where I can define who (own contacts, others, connected apps) can see which contact details / private information

I do not understand why such a big Social / Business Network don’t care about privacy. They closed my support ticket with this answer:

[…] I am sorry to say that  we do not have a option to hide the the primary email address.  At this time we don’t have that specific functionality available, but I’ve sent your suggestion to our product team for consideration. When many of our members ask for the same improvement, we try our best to get it done. However, due to the large number of suggestions we receive, we usually don’t provide a timeline. […]

What do you think about this?

If you have a “Harassment or Safety Concern” please report this to LinkedIn. We need to get more and more people report this to get something changed! 

First go to this site:

If you want to report this, here’s the link to do so:



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