It’s all about the X, the experience

We are talking about CX, UX, BX and much more. Some say UX is part of CX and others vice versa. But why? What is the truth? What about BX or EX?

The answer is, there is no answer, no truth. Mainly CX is used as a broader picture. But is this correct? CX means the customer experience and UX the user. Customer are a smaller group, there are also people interacting with a brand which are no customer. The customer in customer experience is not that perfect. On the other side UX is coming from the product and design area and is used often in just this context.

Let’s focus on the common big X and see whats inside the experience map.

This are the most important points, maybe you have the one or other topic to ad. The experience map should sow how big the X-perience field is and that we should focus on whats influencing people, not about buzzwords.

But… as always we need to have buzzwords, shortcuts. So lets call it EX instead of CX or UX. Brian Solis is talking about the brand experience, BX 1) Personally I do not like the wording brand that much, this could push us in the direction of a corporate (stakeholder driven) view and moves us away from an clear user / customer focus.

Focusing on the experience we need to look into these areas which build the experience. Everything is it worth to have an own blog post. One thing I like to highlight is the hidden experience. Some points are easy to handle like products. If we are talking about product experience we are talking about price, ease of use or other things like this. Other things like phrasing or wording are hidden elements of the experience.

Experience is one of the most important changes right now. We are talking about digital transformation which is more about transformation than about digital. Digital transformation is putting the customer (user) into the center of everything. We get more and more data about them, understand them and can predict their next step. This next step is strongly driven by the experience. Brands wo understand the experience on a 1:1 base will win against their competitors, other will lose.

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