In a personal matter: It’s time for change

I have developed myself and it is now much more than Digital Marketing & Digital Transformation. The core is Customer Experience which is an online-, offline- and non-marketing topic. Change and Transformation are key elements beside Marketing. Marketing means the entire Communication and entire Interaction. So why naming this blog still Digital Marketing & Digital […]

Marriott International Prioritizes Innovation in Guest Experience to Cultivate Brand Loyalty and Drive Growth – Brian Solis

There’s an old adage in business: A happy customer is a loyal customer. Focus on driving loyalty, and you cultivate a customer relationship that is not only special, but also incredibly rewarding for the business over a longer period of time. By putting loyalty at the center of everything, loyal customers become proud stewards of the brand, advocating their experiences and going out of their way to spend more time and money with the brand. In any given category, their…

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