CMO Report: The Era Of Digital Transformation

The era of digital transformation is upon us and is likely to accelerate in the coming year, but many companies will struggle to leverage this revolution. It’s not because they don’t have the budget, but rather because their leaders are unsure about what specific steps need to be taken, in order to align their corporate strategies with the many options that confront them in their digital mission.

People Buy Emotions Not Things

It’s all about the #CustomerExperience. Both, experience and emotions are very close, so we need to trigger both through communication. Just for a moment, think about the last big purchase you made. Was it a car? A house? That boat you had been dreaming about? Or possibly something as simple as a purse?

“Investing in HR Technology is Not the Same as Digital Transformation”

“If you put 20 executives in a room and ask them to define ‘digital’, you are guaranteed to get 20 different answers,” says Anand Eswaran, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Services and Microsoft Digital. That’s the reality: most companies’ leaders feel overwhelmed by technology, and they’re not sure where to begin or how much money and time spend on Digital Transformation.

Customer Experience & Digital Transformation