How to Transform Digital Customer Experiences for the Connected Customer – Marketing is only a part of growth equation

Digital transformation is only becoming more prominent in driving business modernization. Yet today, it is rarely designed, led and managed as one, sweeping, coordinated effort across the enterprise. Eventually companies get there as outlined in “The 6 Stages of Digital Transformation.” But, most of the time it starts disparately in pockets across the organization.

The Interaction Change driven through digital #CX

The digitization is pushing us into the direction where we need to re-think traditional ways of communication and interaction. We interact with user / consumer through marketing communication, products and services, through support and my other channels. “Data is the new oil” is a slogan everyone has read. The user / consumer get’s a huge […]

Predictions: How Search Will Be Transformed In 2018 And Beyond

Aaron Goldman, former colleague of me and chief marketing officer at 4C Insights, predicts that in 2018, we will stop labeling things “search” or “social” and just call them platforms. With this statement he points out that we should throw away the channel thinking and concentrate on audiences and experiences.

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