Marketing & Transformation - What is changing in marketing & what means digital transformation really?

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Skipping channel thinking and build up a cross-channel approach to interact holistic with the customer.

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Change requires mindset, lateral thinking and the true willingness to do more than just placing a shell.

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Customer Experience

We see #CX as the key change driver, but often we have a huge issue in mindset & implementation.

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Latest Highlights

The customer journey madness

Companies define the customer journey as "journey maps", other rename campaign solutions to journey solutions. In truth the customer defines the journey which means that it is the "customer managed journey" and not the "managed customer journey".


Transformation: Channel Thinking vs. Tooling

Are channels, as we use the wording today, nonsense? Yes and no. If we think as a customer...


The Core Fail of CX

Operation successful, patient dead... this is the direction we are heading to at the moment withing the topic customer experience. We need to awake and change something. It is not a risk to do so, it's a great chance!Operation successful, patient dead... this is the direction we are heading to...

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