3, 2, 1, … That’s me

As you see here, I don‘t fit in any drawer. There will be no match between a CV and a job description, but a very good fit between your business and my person. Trust me, let’s talk !! >> Contact me here <<


3 – Vision

Vision is one of the most important things for me, even if it takes not much time and requires time only once. The vision is to reach the top (of a mountain)! It’s about what we want to achieve. This must be the same for all departments. This means all departments needs to work in the same direction.

2 – Strategy

The strategy is the timing, the route and stops we are planning. It’s about the way we reach the vision. This overall strategy needs to be adopted to the deparment AND to the current sitiation. Therefor I don’t see a strategy that fixed as a vision.

1 – Implementation

Success is just prepared by vision and strategy, but the success is coming from implementation and the daily doing. I’m happy to dive in as deep as needed and focus 80% of my time in implementation and daily operations.


3 – Marketing

Marketing I’m a marketing native by heart !! This is my DNA and what’s driving me. Here if have brought experiences in doing it day by day.

2 – Product

With a deep passion for my topics and an holistic market understanding I always have ideas how to make things different and how systems need to support this. I worked within product management but also as a pre-sales / technical sales with a strong connection to product management to bring client needs into the product.

1 – Sales

Sales Love to be out in the market and exchange with others. Adopting to clients needs and show them how to win with the right solution is challenging me.
I’m not following a typical sales methodology. I’m selling through my deep knowledge and passion for the topics around Change, Marketing and CX. I never would be as good in selling other areas like finance for example.

There are minimum 6 drawers you can place me in. Drawer #7 would be that I’m not interested what is state of the art today. I’m interested about the day after tomorrow and how to prepare this today.

But always… the core for me (and each drawer) is around the topics Marketing, CX, Change. Here I have brought experiences. It doesn’t matter if I build the best marketing suite as a product manager, sell the marketing solution to clients or use the solution by myself. The core topic is what is important for me and this is my success factor.

Even if I’m within a brand and lead the marketing. Maybe the marketing strategy is going into the direction 12:05 than the sales can be at 11:55 but never at 6:30. If this would be the case my success within marketing will be blocked in some way. This is why I think out of the box and my area to sync with colleagues.

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